Today was suppose to go like this:
My friend Raul and I were going to go to Austin to meet our friend Alma at the mall and hang out until she had to go to work.

Well, nothing ever goes how it is suppose to..
Raul and I went to Barton Creek Mall in Austin and waited around for Alma. We called her multiple times and could not get a hold of her. We thought maybe she was running late so Raul and I decided we would waste time and go see a movie and just leave our phones on. When we got out of the movie, Raul had ended up missing a call from Alma.

She had gone out the night before and crashed at a friend’s and her phone had been dead until she got home to charge it. Since she called and Raul didn’t answer, she decided she’d take a nap.

After hell and back, we met Alma at the Wal-Mart close to where she lives and we hung out there for a bit and grabbed a bite to eat at the Sonic down the road. Eventually she left and Raul took me to my apartment because I had plans this evening.

I went out with some friends to the bowling alley tonight.
The only problem is..
I like one of the guys I was hanging out with, actually I have for quite sometime but this time felt different for some reason.

For once I want to do something about it and for once I do not know what to do. He has always been sweet to me, but he’s leaving in four months for boot camp for the Marine Corps and I don’t even know if he likes me back.

It’s just one of those things that you have no idea what to do.


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