This is it then; ha.

“This is it then.”

Was the last text I received from Sheldon on January15th, 2014. (I am adding this post to my page because I am combining my blogs together.)

I am pretty sure, this was “it” when we broke up about four months ago and y’know I thought this was “IT” when I started dating my Adam, but apparently I was wrong because you suddenly think different.

Lemme just say, that’s some pretty fun shit bro. Especially since you did not know your feelings four months ago. Scratch that, since you didn’t know how you felt towards me anymore after being together for two years and “loving” me. And now you want to talk. So nice try.

I know you are coming back now because the two girls you went after and were trying to get with DID NOT WANT YOU. They were your “best friends”, first of all, I don’t play that shit. And second of all, [insert name here] doesn’t want you and never will. I know because she told me. [same inserted name] is my friend too, she tells me things, stupid. And Lauren that poor girl, I am pretty sure she had to endure the same shit that [insert name one more time y’all] had to deal with. You constantly blowing up their phones, yeah, girls don’t like that UNLESS they actually like you back. Sorry to break it to you, but I’m pretty sure if they wanted to be with you… THEY WOULD.

And of course, when they stop texting you and you got lonely. Who did you text? ME. Now that is just ridiculous.

BOY, [Yes I said boy, because you’re playing little boy games, again], you HAVE got to be kidding me.

You have been deleted out of my contacts for months so don’t threaten me with you deleting my number because I don’t care AND I have your texts blocked. They go to this nice app that I can look at whenever I want and it will tell me and show me what you have TRIED telling me.

Funny thing is, you’re trying so hard to get my attention now, but when we were together, you didn’t give a damn.

I’m just mad. It’s just ridiculous how once I am happy, you suddenly show up and try talking to me again. When will you just realize that I am done, with all of this? There isn’t a ‘you and me’ anymore. I am happy where I am and who I am with. It’s just that simple.

So why can’t you just leave me alone?

You tried adding me on facebook again, and I declined it, again. I was not going to message you or say anything to you but then you sent ANOTHER request and I kinda slightly flipped shit. Not too much of course. But I simply said for you to, “Please, stop trying to add me on facebook because I will not add you. I do not want to be your friend, I do not want to talk to you, and I do not want to hang out with you. So please delete my number.”

I am hoping that this is the end of you trying to talk to me and add me on social networks. I am tired of this back and forth shit with you.

Even if Adam were to leave me, I will NEVER go back to Sheldon. There is no way in hell I could ever go back down that road again.


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