Will it be easy? NOPE. Worth it? Absolutely.

“Your boyfriend belongs to you. Mine belongs to the government. You complain because you haven’t seen him in a few hours, I will go months on end without seeing him. You haven’t heard from him for a couple of hours, I will go weeks without hearing from him. You get mad and ignore his calls, I would do anything just for five minutes. You take him for granted, I don’t.”

I found this quote and I only know a little of this pain. My boyfriend left for boot camp in San Diego on January 13th, 2014. I have known him, as a friend, for six years. He asked me to be his girlfriend December 11th, I luckily had a whole month of his love and cuddles, but I have had six years of hearing his laugh and seeing his smile. I did not realize how much he affected my life until he was  1,312 miles away from me. I love him as a friend and adore him as my boyfriend.

Adam asked me out on December 11th, 2013. My friends looked at me funny once I told them Adam and I started dating, “Isn’t he leaving soon?” He was suppose to leave in March, in my head, three months meant a lot of time together and I didn’t care that he was leaving as long as I could call him mine.

Later on in December, Adam got a call from his recruiter, telling Adam he could leave earlier. I understood when Adam jumped to the opportunity. He was told he would be leaving Jan. 13th. Less than a month away. He told me the same day his recruiter called. I cried that night.

Adam was constantly over after that, he’d stay the night, go out with my roommate and I. He had no real other choice but to accept my friends since he was always at my apartment when he wasn’t working or with his parents.

On January 12th, the day before he left, he had made plans for his family to pick him up and then he’d spend time with his family for the day. Later they would pick me up and we’d take Adam to the hotel he’d stay at for the night and then fly out the next morning. Well, instead of getting me later, I went with Adam when he got picked up.

This would be the first time for me meeting his family.
I was so nervous.
And of course, Adam made me sit shotgun with his mother.

After spending the day with him and his family, I felt relieved.

I like his family and I am so glad I got to meet them and spend time with them that day.
We dropped off Adam at the hotel and I successfully, after biting the inside of my cheek multiple times, did not cry in front of him or his family. His parents drove me to my apartment and I exchanged numbers with his mother. Since then we text each other quite frequently to see how each other is doing.

The nights without him are lonely, but I know they are not permanent.
Missing him reminds me that I am lucky to have someone worth missing.
I am not afraid to make sacrifices because I care for him so dear.

No, it will not be easy but it is worth it, because he is worth it.
I know that this is just the beginning of his absence, but distance means nothing when someone means everything.

I'll wait


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