Soft words

I posted this earlier today on one of my social network sites: “I always told myself that I wouldn’t fall for anyone in the military or anyone who wanted to enlist. I told myself I wouldn’t be able to endure the distance or the knowing that my significant other was in danger everyday. I’ve had a small taste of what a long distance relationship is. I want to and will continue this journey with him. 17 letters in a two month period. “Distance gives us a reason to love stronger than any other couple should.” This is the beginning and hopefully no where near the end.”

I love my friends who know just what to say: “Distance does to love what wind does the fire. It extinguishes the weak and feeds the strong. You’ll be fine, doll. A good support network will help you and believe me, he appreciates it all. Semper Fi. He lives by it and so should you. Love ya.” I damn near cried from her response, but she’s right. I have a good support network, I know so and I know who they are. I thank God for them everyday.


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