Last Letter

I wrote and sent off my last letter to Adam yesterday. Today, I received the last letter Adam is going to send me while he is still at boot camp, and it’s killing me. I had slowed down from writing him in the past few weeks because I knew he was busy and so was I with all my school stuff. But now, knowing that I cannot write him anymore bothers the hell out of me. I want to write him and tell him about my day and how I feel. When I was sending him letters, I did not care if I got nearly as many back, but I was sending him all of those letters to just express myself towards him because he is one of my best friends. I confide in him because I know I can tell him everything and the second I cannot tell him anything, it’s going to drive me crazy like it is doing now. Writing him made me feel so much better. Every emotion, I was able to write and tell him. Now I am back to using my blog as an out. 
I am not saying that it is a bad thing because it definitely is not, but I was so happy and comfortable writing Adam that I did not really have the need to use my blog as often. 
Sigh. Today was just so complicated and easy at the same time that it bothered me.
I had a test, 20 questions, no problem. I had studied so much for it that at this point I am disappointed that the test was not longer.
Also, Adam’s mother was stressing over getting t-shirts made for Family Day at the MCRD so I went ahead and ordered them, we received those a week or two ago. Then today she was having problems making reservations for the hotel so I had to do it. 

On a higher note, Adam is graduating on April 11th 🙂 


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