A Hip Hop Congress Event: March 26th, 2014

Boom, Baps, and Daps is a show that the Hip Hop Congress have once a year. This event was their eleventh Boom, Baps, and Daps that they have done. The event was an opportunity for multiple Hip Hop Congress members to perform songs that they have written and was also for other artists that are well-known to Hip Hop Congress to come out and perform. My friend Christ invited me to attend this event because he was one of the artists to perform that night. He did two of his own pieces and then two or three more with other members of HHC, whom I was able to meet weeks before the event along with others I met after their set. HHC had a well-known DJ from Austin come out to help and also had a man named Eric White, a SXSW performer, perform that night.
I enjoyed the event a lot more than I expected I would. This event opened up my eyes. I had always saw Hip Hop as just a genre of music that was explicit and crude, I still enjoy it of course, but not many artists in the music world are really singing or rapping something besides being a thug and getting girls. I was able to hear people’s stories through their words. My friend Christ rapped about some personal issues he had been going through, which I knew about, but hearing him express his problems like that just made me feel taken-back. He rapped about money problems and how he felt inside, at times. It’s a different type of insight I suppose. The performers made the event interactive, had us sing back certain verses, and told us to put our hands up, to get into what they were saying. It was amazing to watch a diversity of different people walk onto that stage and perform and get to see a part of them you never saw before.


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