Unsure with certainty

I have known Adam for six years, for those six years I have been his friend. For three months, going on four, officially, I have been his girlfriend. It is just the unknown future that bothers me, I don’t know if Adam and I are going to work out. I will not break up with him. I sure as heck am happy. But who is to say he’s going to stay with me? I have wanted to be with him since I first started liking him right before freshman year of high school. It is known for girls to feel stronger towards a guy than the other way around. I do not expect him to want to stay with me. I never went out of my way like this for anyone I have dated. I just hope he knows that I am in for the long run. I do not do things like this for just anyone.

The only reason I am being this way, thinking this way is because the other night I had a bad dream. Before I tell you my dream I just want to point out a few things: when me and Adam were actually in high school, we never dated. The funny thing is, he had asked me once why I did not really date guys for too long and I told him that the guys either began to feel strongly for me and I did not feel the same or it was because it was just me dating a friend after a while. He pointed out that he believed that I got bored with relationships easily and I pretty much agreed.

In my dream, Adam and I were back in High School at our campus and we were dating this time around. Adam was acting strange and distant, sooner than later in my dream, he broke up with me. Claiming that the reason he did was because he did not want me to get bored of us and break his heart first so instead he broke mine. The entire dream I tried to prove and explain to Adam how happy I was with him and that I did not want him and I to be over. I was a crying mess throughout this dream. When I woke I was still a mess, but this time in the real world. Adam told me that no matter what, if something was bothering me while he was at Boot Camp that I still had to tell him about it. I promised him I would and kept that promise after that dream. I wrote him about it.

I believe the next week after my dream I received a letter back from Adam saying that he was sad that I had such a dream and reassured me that he wanted to be with me and would never leave me. He also pointed out how he thought it was interesting that I had that dream because the same night he had a dream but it was about him and I living together, being married, and having children. He and I both agreed that we liked his dream better. If any of the dreams in the world could come true, I would want his to.


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