11 days

In exactly one week, I will be on my way to see my boyfriend graduate from the MCRD in San Diego. In 11 days my baby will be a Marine, not a recruit anymore. In 11 days, I will have the opportunity to watch Adam graduate. I cannot wait. Regardless of what happens between now and forever, I will always look back to this experience with him and smile.


I never would have thought that I would be where I am today. I am a sophomore in college. I am in a long distance military relationship with a guy I knew in high school, whom I never thought would actually like me in a way more than friends. This is the best and scariest feeling. My sister, Nikki, has told me on multiple accounts that she has never seen me this happy. Which kills me a little inside each time because I do not like admitting that I am happy because I feel that everytime I do, something goes wrong. I am happy, to me this is so strange. I am in a relationship where I rarely see my boyfriend but overall I am okay with that. I know he is doing something that makes him happy, which makes me horrifically happy. I know that there will be more nights that I have without him than with him, but I feel that if we can retain our relationships throughout the separation then we can get through anything.


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