“Every little thing that you do, Baby I’m amazed by you.”

1:00 Am: Nothing that Adam is doing at the moment could even be considered as little. He is now seven hours  away from officially being a Marine for the USMC. I am so proud of him. I am so excited to leave for San Diego on Monday. Four days and I will be on my way to see him. Wednesday, April 9th I will be going with Adam’s parents to the meet and greet. Thursday is Family Day which will be the first time I will see Adam in three months. Friday, April 11th is the day Adam will graduate, and it will mark four months of Adam and I being officially together as a couple. To feel his lips on mine at this moment would be wonderful. I want to feel his arms around me. I am just waiting for the first night we have together, I want his embrace. Ten days with him will not be enough, but that will have to do until the next time. He received his orders already and I know he will be gone for about a year… A year without my love. This is only the beginning but he is worth all that we shall endure.



Around 8:00 AM (Central) my boyfriend was no longer a recruit, but a Marine! ❤




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