Things I have experienced, tried, and done since I have started college:

[I stole this idea from my friend Gabi off of her blog. Check her out at: http://gabisstuff.wordpress.com%5D

For those who read this please do not judge, etc.

“If you do not have anything nice to say then don’t say anything at all.”
1.I became a Bobcat.
2.First roommate.
3.Lived in an All Girls dorm with community restroom.
4.“Tagged” a guy’s truck with post-it notes (knew the guy).
5.Made a blog.
6.Beer pong. I’m good after a few drinks.
7.Learned that everyone lives their first year of college mainly in the library.
8.Comic Con.
9.Scare For a Cure
10.House of Torment
11.First pair of UGGS.
12.Saw Green Day in concert.
13.First tattoo.
14.6th street for Cinco De Mayo 2012.
15.Ice skating.
16.First Apartment.
17.First job.
19.Doctor Who.
20.David Tennant is my Doctor <3.
22.Paid for my own pair of boots.
23.Started and stopped gage-ing my ears within this year.
24.Fell out of “love” with a heartless country boy.
25.Had my first real ‘rebound’.
26.Learned to love myself.
27.Beat a Marine (my friend Jonathon) at billiards.
28.Told Adam my feelings that I have had on and off for 6 years about him.
29.Threw my first Christmas party
30.Sights and Sounds with friends.
31.Held hands with Adam in front of others ❤
32.Zoe and I turned most card games into a drinking game.
33.Drunk and hung over.
35.Sports bras.
36.Yoga pants.
37.REAL job interview over the Christmas break.
38.Mediterranean food
39.Obsession with scarves.
40.Christmas with Adam ❤
41.Left 4 Dead 2 (that is Adam’s fault).
42.Second tattoo.
43.New years with my boyfriend ❤
44.Watched military movies.
45.Hot & Spicy Cheez-Its 😛
46.Got Batman and Gryffindor pajama pants ❤
47.Met Adam’s parents and family.
48.First long distance relationship. (Hopefully this will be the only relationship I have for the rest of my life).
51.Climbed into the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle car at the outlets in SM.
52.Intensely hugged a big teddy bear at Wal-Mart.
53.Fell in love.
54.Orange Vodka, never again.
55.Lost more friends than made them.
56.Third tattoo.
57.My first internship.
58.Went to a yoga class.


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