Who are you when I’m not looking?

Combining from my second blog.

It’s funny how you can look at someone you have known for years and then suddenly one day, you can no longer recognize them. There is just something about them that has just changed so much that they are not even the person you first sought to be friends with. You can look at that person and in a way, feel disgusted with them to the point where you question why that person meant so much. Everything is different about them, especially their face. You literally look at this person and you just know they are not the same. Their personality that they once had, seems to have evaporated and twisted into something completely different. They become the person they said they would never become. They lie. They stop talking to you for such a time, when it used to be that you could not go a day without talking to this person. Now it goes weeks upon weeks without communication and it does not even bother you like it SHOULD. If this person meant anything to you anymore, it should bother the hell out of you. But it does not, because that person is not the person they used to be, not the person that meant so much to you. And it seems so long ago that you actually gave a damn about that person. You have them on social media and you slowly ignore their posts, or completely block them so you do not even have to look at the stuff they do now because all it does is annoy and bother you to the point where you are frustrated with your friendship or lack of with that person. And this person does not even realize what goes on in your head anymore, they do not confine in you anymore. But hell, that person only seemed to really care anyway when you were single because they thought they could win you over at one point then they stop talking to you when they don’t.

People change and friends come and go. I am finally beginning to understand and accept that.


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