Today, I spent Easter with Adam and his family. And you would think after spending an entire week with his parents in a car and in a hotel room that I would not be nervous about spending a few hours with them. Nope, you are wrong. I still practically shake like a chihuahua on the inside because I really want them to like me. The day went well. His mother picked us up from my apartment at noon and we went straight over to their house. Once his sister got home from church she gave me a tour of their house and then we spent the remainder of the day pretty much outside. Adam’s sister Savannah has three sons: one named Julian, who sadly could not spend Easter with us, and then two twins: Austin and Tyler. They are all absolutely adorable, and before I met these boys, I never really held a baby boy or well, like male children (I have two nieces). We put out a blanket for the boys and then (after going to Wal-mart) played some outdoors sports which was pretty fun even though I am not exactly into competitive kind-of stuff. We then ate some BBQ that Savannah’s husband made us which was quite yummy. Watched a little bit of Anchorman 2. Went outside and cracked some cascarones and continued the fun with a cupcake fight. The last two hours we spent over at Adam’s, we played Just Dance 4 on the Xbox Kinect. Adam’s sister makes me laugh so much because of her personality. I think I had more fun playing the game because of the fact that she was dancing the entire time. Today was a completely different and interesting day for me. I felt really welcomed which is not something I am used to. I really like Adam’s family and I hope they like me as much as I like them.

cupcake  Easter cupcake war


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