It’s only Tuesday

My best friend left to California today. I luckily was able to see him off this morning. I, being the person I am, did not cry in front of him. As soon as he boarded the plane and was out of sight, I broke. Tears came flooding down my face. Adam’s mom and I stood at the gate for a bit. She cried and I rubbed her arm for reassurance. We eventually walked back to the car and she drove me to my apartment. We kept small talk and when I left I gave her an awkward car hug.Once I got out of the car and began walking to my front door, the tears came back. I got inside, went straight to my room, flung myself on my bed, and sobbed. I exited my room once I pulled myself back together and spoke to my roommate Megan for a bit before she went to class. She gave me a hug and told me that she is picking me up after I am done with class, I have no choice, I apparently do not need to ride the tram more than once today.

I cannot believe that it is only Tuesday

After Megan left, I went and laid in bed for about an hour before I got up and started getting ready for my own classes today. Adam had a two hour layover in Denver so he texted me for a while and then ended up calling me right before my first class which made today somewhat easier. I’m going to hate not being able to text him or talk to him every single day or at least at night. Seven or eight months without my love. I can do this..

First photo: Adam packing the night before
Second photo: Adam about to board the plane

packing  boarding the plane


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