Mother knows best

On a higher point, my mom picked me up today and helped me move some stuff out of my apartment and while doing so we talked about mine and Adam’s relationship. My mother has always had something to say about my relationships, always. With my ex, my mother always told me stuff especially not to settle down with him…. Well, everything that she had said about him was right. It seriously never fails, but since I have started dating Adam, she has not said a damn thing which freaks me out a bit. Today I confronted her about it and was surprised by her response. Overall, after the whole conversation, she said that I am still young and I still have not gone out into the world, at least not very far, but she notices how happy I am and if I feel that there is no one better than him for me then she’s good with that and hopes everything works out, which is a big thing for my mom to say. Only time will tell with me and Adam


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