Well hell’s bells man, guess I just lost another friend. I was always told that when you enter a relationship, you can tell who your friends are. I was also told, if you begin being successful in anyway, that you can tell who your friends are. Whoever told me that forever ago was completely right. Since I started dating Adam, I have lost quite a few “friends”, mainly I lost guy friends. I become taken and what I thought were friendships disappear because secretly all along they were just trying to get with me/hook up. Then I began losing friends of the female gender, mainly girls that I was not exactly close with in the first place but still. I am not on the same level as most people I used to be friends with. We have gone down different paths. It sucks losing people you were close with, but hell, if they were true friends then I wouldn’t have lost them. I do not like people who are going to hold me down. Talk bad about me behind my back, diss my relationship or diss my moving forward in life. It is not my fault that these people did not go to college or did not go get a damn job. It is not my fault if you do not work out or if you are single. That is all on YOU. YOU have to get up and do something with yourself. Being stationary will get you nowhere in life. I am talking about multiple people in this post. I cannot stand people who are ungrateful, who are disrespectful, who won’t do anything for anyone and even for those who will not do anything for themselves. I can no longer surround myself with negative people. I cannot take the verbal abuse. I’ve been there. I’ve done that. I am done with it all. I have certain people in my life for a reason. Those I keep mean plenty to me, but if you want to walk away. Go ahead because I will not stand by you forever if you cannot be a decent person not only to me, but everyone else, including yourself. I choose my friends wisely and those who I have mistaken for friends… well, they get sorted out sooner or later. 


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