Let’s talk about illiteracy

I just corrected a woman who posted on a page that is followed by a decent amount of people..
My question is: Why do people post publicly when they cannot spell correctly? I have quite a few pet peeves and I must say, that is one of them. I know, I mess up on posts sometimes but I do know the difference! Especially the difference between: there, their, they’re and we’re, were, where, wear. Along with lose and loose and two, to, and too.. including: your and you’re and new and knew. I just go bonkers when I see that someone has used any of those incorrectly.

And I absolutely love it when people from my high school blame it on our “edjumacation”. Alright, I am going to need you to sit your ass down and retake all the classes we took because something MUST have gone wrong if I got a better education than you did, yet we attended the same high school.

I find it humorous when someone is talking about their lover and they say, “you are my angle”, damn they are your angle?! Acute or obtuse?  Usually, they do not understand my joke so I just correct them and tell them the proper way to spell it is “angel”. I do not know how these people finished high school. I usually get so angry I get to the point where I sound like Samuel L. Jackson: “English motherfucker, do you speak it?!” I do not understand how people can be so illiterate.



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