We will figure it out.

Adam is going to be stationed in Hawaii for the USMC. At first I was really upset, the thoughts of him being much farther was upsetting me and making me think that for some reason I was going to lose him. Now I must admit, I am stupid for thinking that way because I love Adam and if he truly loves me then I won’t lose him. Adam pointed out that there is going to be an five hour difference between him and I. Which I already knew but decided against bringing it to his attention. He was upset when he pointed this out, or he was y’know, anything but happy. I knew about the time difference but I figured that he can text me while he’s up and about even if I cannot respond back (like I do during the week while he’s at ITB) and I will do the same like I have always done. I stay up to talk to him now, I will continue to try to do so. It just might be a little bit more difficult because this is a five hour difference instead of two, but I will do anything for him, and I hope he understands that. I drop everything for him already even though I know I do not have to. If my plans make it where I know I would not be able to talk to him, I somehow change my plans or find a way to still talk. I text him throughout movies (even when I am at the movie theater), I will warn friends before we hang out that Adam has his phone so if they cannot deal with me answering my phone or texting the entire time then we better not hang out that day. Even if he does not notice the little things I do for him, I know what I do and that’s all that matters. Yeah, it is not going to be easy, but anything worth having will never be easy to have.

One of Adam’s brothers is going through a break up at the moment because he is also going to be stationed in Hawaii and his girlfriend (now ex-girlfriend) was not okay with it. I feel really sorry for this guy because well.. that has to suck….he gets stationed somewhere, he’s happy about it, and even if he wanted to he cannot exactly change where he goes and his girl up and dumps him because “you’re going to be farther”, no duh he is going to be farther but why would you get into a relationship with someone in the first place if you could not handle the fact that he could be stationed farther? It just doesn’t make sense to me.

No matter where Adam went or could go, I wouldn’t leave him. Even though I hate that he is gone and it sucks that when I really need him he cannot be here to hold me or make it better, I’m not going to end our relationship. That would be plain stupid on my part. He knows the only reasons I would leave, distance is not one of those reasons. I will justs cuddle up to Nikki if I am that desperate to feel loved.

And like the photo I posted below, “When two people really care about each other, they will always look for a way to make it work, no matter how hard it is.” I really care for Adam, so let’s see how we make this work ❤




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