Little brother problems

I might go crazy because of my friend/little brother. Connor has now enlisted in the Navy, he will be turning nineteen this month., but he still has the relationship mentality of a thirteen, maybe fifteen year old boy. He has been talking to a girl for three or four years now, on the internet. He and her are not dating, but they have mutually feelings for one another. They have never met. The girl is still in high school and is a thousand miles away. I think she is not good enough for him. There have been multiple times where they have both been “unfaithful” towards one another even though they aren’t together. To me, that’s still being unfaithful, no excuse works for me when it comes to that. I just don’t want him getting hurt, especially by some little girl. I know the games girls play, I used to put boys through hell and back for “fun”. I grew out of it eventually, but the things is, the girl he is seeing is about the age I was where I was too busy worried about myself and I did not care what guy I hurt along the way. I am not a bad person or a mean girl, etc, but every girl is like that at one point. Guys play games with girls too. I know, I’ve been stuck in those games. I have witnessed them all being played. I have a bad feeling that Connor and this girl are not going to end up together and he’s just going to be heart broken for the thirtieth time….. I have told him all this before. He and her are talking… again. This time I told him that I hope he proves me wrong.

July 20th, 2014 updated:
Since this blog, Connor has managed to prove me wrong. I do not know what made him jump to the occasion, but he visited Faye. Flew his happy ass out from Tejas all the way to New Jersey to surprise her for her birthday. When he called me and told me of his plans, I had no other choice but to be happy for him. I could not even find a bitter bone in my body. Connor and Faye are now dating, officially, it is even facebook official. I am happy for the kid. I still think he needs to work on his relationship mentality, but he will get there. He has been making a lot of big decisions in his life lately and I have to admit, I am very proud of him.


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