Rant about faithfulness

If you are going to be with someone, then be with them. Do not go behind their back. Do not be (technically) seeing someone else. Do not go on dates, or mutually hang out with another male who has admitted or you have a hunch that they like you. A relationship is between two people (unless your religion,etc is otherwise). If you are going to be in a relationship, you can’t have your cake and eat it to. Being unfaithful is not fair to the other person that you are with. In my book, being unfaithful is anything that you have done or do with your partner, but while you are still together with your partner and you are doing the same with another person. If I were to hang out with a guy, he admitted to liking me, and then said he wanted to be in a relationship. I would throw the friend-zone card. I have a boyfriend. I do not need someone else, but people don’t see it that way. Yeah, you’ll talk to the person, flirt, start seeing them on the side, etc and it will be good for a little bit. But then you have to do something about the guy you were originally dating. It is so much drama to cheat, no matter what way you are doing it. If you have to hide something from me about another female, talking to her or flirting with her, I’ll take it as cheating. I’ve been there, done that, been cheated on. Talking to someone is how it goes when everything starts going downhill. I understand why after you told your boyfriend, “I don’t know if I can deal with the distance. There is this guy in Oki that I have been hanging out with, I kinda like him.” that he has been distance.. and then you flip around and tell me “I don’t want to lose him, I have worked this hard to be with him.” No.. you didn’t work that hard to being with him. You pointed out your feelings, you and him agreed to being together. But you’re still doing the same shit you have done in every relationship. When that person isn’t around to remind you, “hey we are together” or just told be literally holding onto you for you to realize you are taken, you go off and do some unfaithful shit. I was like that in one point, IN HIGH SCHOOL. It was more, “eh I didn’t see you all break, we didn’t even talk, I didn’t even miss you, clearly that means something, bye.” I did not go around doing trifling shit. It is not worth my time. You said you wanted to be with this guy, but the second another male shows you interest, you’re practically in heat. Being faithful to someone is not hard if you love them. It is not hard for me at least. I do not even realize or look at other males because I have who I want and when I do notice other guys it’s a split second of, “eh he’s kinda cute” and I look back down. I do that because I have who I want. Not because I feel like I need to be that way. If Adam were to even consider to be unfaithful, I would just want him to leave me. I am not about to complicate myself with all that shit again. Talking to girls behind my back, or talking to girls the way you talk to me and/or flirting, is not okay. Talking about being in a relationship with someone, when you are already in one, is not okay. I respect Adam too much I could not put him through that bullshit or be unfaithful to him. I mean it when I say I love him and I want to be with him forever. Why would I want to fuck it up for some fling? For a one time thing that would not mean shit to me in the end. Why would I lose my forever for a night of dumb shit? I have intimacy issues already, why would I want to BE intimate with anyone besides Adam? Having multiple sex partners after a certain point can totally fuck you up emotionally. I am already fucked up emotionally because of my first real intimate experience, I could not go around just fucking guys for fun like girls do now-a-days. Yes, I said “girls”, because in my opinion, real women don’t do that shit. I just don’t understand other people, I know I am not supposed to understand them anyway but I do not know why people purposely put themselves in these kinds of situation. And anyone who tells you, “I don’t mean to do this/be this way” or “it was an accident”, they are lying. There is no accidently cheating. I hope the guy who you are “in a relationship” with just ends it for his sake. I have seen you do this so many times to guys who do not deserve it. I wish you would just stop looking for love once it has already found you. You told me that your guy was too good for you because of how understanding and nice he was being about you talking to the other guy. He is too good for you if he is that way, nobody should try to make it sound like it is okay that your feelings drifted when you let them. And to top it off, you and your boyfriend had this issue, y’all have not broken off the relationship and yet you are still hanging out with the other guy, going on dates and shit. Saying you and the other guy that is in Oki with you are having ups and downs. Well, you’re playing with this guy, I understand the ups and downs. You’re all over him, he’s thinking “she likes me” but you randomly pull the “I have a boyfriend” card when it starts getting too heated or serious. That’s not okay. I know I have no say in the matter, I just wish you acted like a woman and not the little girl I knew in high school. That shit gets old. I just hope you realize that before it is too late and you are either pregnant, have an STD, or alone forever because no one is going to want to be with someone when they are constantly cheating or when they see that you have fucked everything in a whole square mile. 


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