My co-worker Stacy just got done laughing at me. I am finished with my work for the day, but I have to stay at work until six so I literally have to try to find things to keep me occupied. Well, today, my choice of keeping busy was searching for a good add-on for my first tattoo. Stacy stood up about the time I just started scrolling through tattoos and she announced, “You caught the bug.” Mainly because last week we were trying to convince another co-worker of ours that she should get one and we caused her to start looking for some. Irene still has not gotten hers but we are still trying to talk her into it. I am pretty much a tomboy, never liked dressing up or being “girly”. I’m a girl, I just thought that was good enough. Which is quite funny because for being a tomboy my tattoos are quite feminine. I have a damn bear on my leg, hugging itself. Then one that refers to my best friend/sister. Plus “Stay Strong” in girly script. And what do I want to add to my first tattoo (the bear) you might ask? More girly shit.
I have thought about it, I have changed my mind quite a few times but a few months ago I considered adding a wreath (yes, it sounds weird) and having flowers in it. Well since then, I cannot get the idea out of my head. I just need to find a good artist, but I think I have found a tattoo parlor I would like to check out in person. Now it’s saving up money time 🙂

…and once I fix this bitch up, I’m going to get more, just not completely sure on what yet.


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