It is ridiculous what I would do for Adam. I have always hated the idea of moving, but with him, anywhere he would or could ask me to go, I would go.
My mother used to mention moving all the time when I was growing up. She moved a lot when she was in her younger years. I always jokingly call her a nomad. She never stayed in one place longer than she had to. When her and my father decided to get married, they bought land because that was supposed to be their ‘forever’ place. A place where they would settle down together, have a family, and spend the rest of their days together. Nothing ever goes as planned. They divorced. My mother and him shared custody over me and if my mother ever wanted to move away, those thoughts were limited and those dreams would have been difficult to obtain. My mother does not give up easily, and if I had okay’d the idea of moving, she would have gone to court and talked to the judge in a heartbeat. After my parents divorced my mother tried to convince me to move more than I can count. It would get to the point that I seriously considered moving in with my father because I did not want to leave my friends. Only to be told that if I moved in with him, I would still be away from the friends that I grew up with and considered as family. Somehow, someway, I talked my mom out of moving every time. I would tell her that there was no way I could make the same kind of friends that I have now. I pointed out we would be too far from my nieces and I wanted to see them grow up and help my sister when she needed me. Those reason were true, but I was scared of moving. I had been two years old whenever my parents moved out to the Lockhart area, it was my home and I could not see myself growing up anywhere else.
Now that I am older, everything is different, that is for sure. I am glad I got to grow up where I did. Regardless of how small the town was, I had my best memories there and more fun than anyone could ever understand. That small town was my playground all the way through school. Dirt roads know mine and my friends names. The air has been polluted with our bonfire smoke and all the bottles thrown in those sticks, popping and scaring us when we least expected it. I have had my share of cuts and bruises on those county roads and in the yards and pastures. Staying at Amanda’s, sneaking out after dark, hiding from the cops as we made our way through town to go hang out at Navarro. We made the town ours on most summer nights. Growing up sucks, but the memories make it all worth it.
Lockhart will always be a town that I say I dread, but I really don’t, not at all. I don’t want to live there forever though, I want it to be a place I can take my children and tell them all my adventures. I want it to be a place I visit and love going to every once in a while. Anywhere Adam wants to go, I am fine with that. If he just wants to live on the outskirts of town, that is fine with me, I love Lockhart, but I am not city enough to live in it.


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