Wishful thinking.

I have a feeling this year is just going to suck.
Adam’s older brother J.J. is recently deployed for the second time and I want to so badly make everything better for Adam and his family, but that is not in my hands at all. I feel so useless. I try to talk to his mom and make her feel better, and it’ll last for a bit then she’s back to crying :/. I know she’s very upset about J.J., her oldest son, and then Adam, her youngest, being in the military. Them both being so far and her not knowing they are completely and entirely safe must drive her crazy and pull her down emotionally. I wish things could be so much different. I wish there was something, anything I could do, but there is not a damn thing. I am not even a part of Adam’s family, but I have this sad, hurting, awful feeling in my chest for his mother and family. So many wishes .. but I just hope and pray that God will just bring back Adam and J.J. home safely..


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