What a promising joke

My boyfriend has corrupted me way too much.
In my previous relationship I had received a promise ring. First of all, I was unaware that it was implied as a promise ring until one of my friends had informed me that my now ex-boyfriend had told them he had gotten me one. I thought it was just a gift.
I have received rings from guys before, even their own rings, but it meant nothing more than “I’m giving this to you because you’re my girlfriend.” Well. Once I found out, I cornered my ex (boyfriend at the time) and had asked him if it was a promise ring after all. His response was ‘yes’ and personally, if I knew it was one from the beginning, I would not have taken it. I do not believe in promise rings, I think they are bogus. I have weird superstitions and that is one of them. Engagement rings, that is the first step towards the real deal, not a ‘promise’ ring in my book. I assume Adam has the same theory, overall. At least the part that promise rings are bogus and/or stupid. I have friends who have received them before but I just thought, “eh, no biggie.” Now when I see people going on about them, I laugh. Thanks to Adam -.-‘ I used to be at least nice about it but now due to my boyfriend’s attitude about them, I just see them as a joke.


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