I’m attached. Ohhh maaan..
My thoughts have been overflowing all morning, and that was my very last thought about everything: I am attached. It is one thing to talk about someone all the time and act attached in a way, but I am actually admitting it to myself that is a big hit in the face of “HAHAHA, you’re screwed.”
The cold hearted girl that has always been cutting throats with words and always shrugging off anything that ever bothered her is attached to someone, which is pretty clear when looking at my plethora of posts on this blog. I would say I have been attached before, but nope. Definitely not the same because the whole I was in a two year relationship and shit… Once we actually broke up and I called it completely quits (y’know, stop trying to make it work and all). I was over it within a week. A WEEK. How sad is that?.. Well, not really now, but back then I would just think, “I really am heartless. A relationship that lasted that long should not be that easy to get over.”
I just know, if anything were to happen between Adam and I. Something that caused us not to be together, I would not be over this fella within a week… that is for sure. It is just not that simple with him.


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