“Do not take people for granted. No matter how much they love you, people get tired eventually.”

I am a ridiculous fool sometimes, or at least I feel as I am. I am a hopeless romantic who knows better than to be this way, but I cannot help it. It is interesting how today mattered to me more than most days and it seemed like I got to talk to you a lot less like it did not even matter. I know, it is not an anniversary, it is not as special. I just, I think of these days as days to be even more happier, but I guess I am wrong. Today was one of those days where I barely got to actually talk to you. It just gives me a dreadful empty feeling. I look at stupid love quotes and it just makes it worse. Music just becomes all about him. All day I tried to think of something sweet to send you, something lovely to post, and I could not. I always try to, but nope. I think my own heart knew I was not going to love today as I have other days. No, I was not okay earlier, but you were tired and I was not about to make you stay up, even though you probably would not have. I am not going to be a burden to you. So sleep when you want, talk to me when you want, I will be here, like I always have been.



About maybemiranda

21. Wife. Student.
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