Take me back to San Marvelous

Take me back to San Marvelous. I have about twenty-five more days before it is my last day at my job. I am so anxious to go home, get my stuff packed, and get back to school. I want to be constantly busy again. Yeah, I like being able to chill out and do whatever, but I am pretty sure with this semester, I will still have plenty of time for that. I plan on going to the apartment pool more while it is still warm. I want to make new friends, hopefully some people at the apartment too. We have a pool party usually at the beginning of the semester, I think I am going to force myself to go. And to go to the other events that are held at my apartment. I want to start going to our pathetic little gym, or just start jogging wherever. I just want to go to one of the places that I consider home. I want to see my on campus friends, maybe hang out with a few old ones that I have lost contact with. I want to start losing weight and dressing more like a girl should, lol, we shall see about that. I am just looking forward to this semester. I know I will end up stressing around mid-terms and finals, but that is completely normal. I want to spend more time in the library, and spend more time worrying about myself for once.


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