It is funny how the people you love can easily tear you apart into pieces. I did not like how my boyfriend, in my eyes, disrespected my friend and I do not like how she disrespected him. It is one thing to be joking but sooner than later, someone gets offended and it gets worse from there and it did. I am just sitting here trying my hardest to not get upset, but there is no point of trying. My heart hurts, I do not want to talk to anyone at the moment. My friend tried talking to me, I apologized for the conflict between her and my boyfriend, but then she turns around and upsets me herself. I told her: “Things are different because you and I are both growing up and we are going down separate paths but we still talk and remain friends.” Her response was something I did not want to hear: “People grow up, and they change. It’ll happen with you and him as well and I hope he doesn’t think otherwise. I also hope he knows that yes boot camp and SOI changed him but his unit will change him even more.”

From what she said I cannot tell if she meant it as I will change, and Adam will change also. Or if she was referring to mine and his relationship. I personally do not know, but either way. It upset me. I made my assumption of what she meant and all I can do is sit here and try not to cry.


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