26 Ways To Fulfill Your Life

I am going to try to do all of this.

Thought Catalog


I thought that I had it all figured out, my life was a series of calculated decisions, I was happy, but I wasn’t fulfilled. I started looking around at the people, in my life, and while I realized that some seemed genuinely happy, most of them were maintaining a life that was expected of them, just going through the motions, careful not disturb the delicate balance of their lives. One day, I asked a friend if she was fulfilled with her life. Her response confirmed my thoughts, “Not in the least. I feel content some of the time, but content is not fulfilled, at least, not for me.”

Why do we settle for less? Why do we give up on the things that we want? Why is ‘just enough’ good enough when it comes to matters of the heart? I know that fear plays a large role in the response…

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