5 Things Nobody Ever Tells You About Not Being Okay

Yes. This is perfect.

Thought Catalog

1. That people wouldn’t understand.

Just because my moods change as fast as the flick of a switch, doesn’t mean I can control it. This is the virus of my brain and my heart, and they will not (cannot) be confined under home-made microscope slides for scrutiny and criticism. Please don’t tell me to “stop being depressed”, because your words are not able to prevent the collision of drunken drivers, or the free fall of a tired human soul off the heavens. I’m trying my hardest to fight off this poison in my veins, and if they can’t listen to me, they won’t listen to you. I don’t want you to be an antidepressant that I have to struggle with and against in my system, even though you might be my cure. I need you to be my backup oxygen supply whenever I feel my head going beneath the waves…

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