Gifting the un-giftable

I am so complicated when it comes to my birthday, Christmas, or any thing that people have to get me gifts. I like gifts and all but I just never know what to tell people to get me. I do not like telling people “Oh I want this”, I just have never seen that as “the right thing” because I feel like I am forcing them to get me something I have listed. I like quite a bit of things so gifts should be in general pretty easy. Also, my other thing is, no one has to buy me anything. I was taught that making something meant more, or giving someone something semi-personal. Hell, I am the type of girl that you can give me one of your old shirts and I am happy. Just give me another damn shirt or something. I don’t know. I really don’t.

It is harder getting Adam something because he doesn’t tell me what he likes >.> I usually have to pry it out of him. Let’s see. Adam likes: AC/DC, the color blue, Saints, Captain America stuff, anything with guns and knifes *shrugs* is that really it? I can’t exactly do much with that -.-‘ I mean, I can, but not for too long, after a while…..then what?

I am simpler than you think. Surprise me.


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21. Wife. Student.
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