Adam is the only person who keeps me level-headed, the only person who can piss me off and make me laugh within the same minute. He is the only person who can make me say “I’m sorry”, and actually mean it. He is the only person who can manage to get me heated and then cool me down, and then ruffle my feathers all over again. He thinks about the future, our future, not just his. He makes cry, but he makes me laugh even more. He brings joy into my life. He is my motivation, my weakness, he is the reason for my strength. He is everything to me. He made me go from being hard and cold to soft and warm. I am dumb in-love, which for once I do not think is a bad thing. I am just going to let him love me. I am going to try my hardest to stop fighting it. I am going to let myself be happy, and not be scared.

I have always been a “challenge”, something to conquer to the guys I know because I was not the typical small town girl who gave it up to someone just because they flashed me a nice smile. The girls from my God-forsaken little town thought as long as they went to church on Sunday then it is okay to be a slut every other day of the week. I am not even joking. In a way, you could say that Adam has conquered this challenge, but hopefully, unlike others I hope he decides to stick around and continue new challenges with me in our relationship and not move onto someone else.



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