Me vuelves loco

Me vuelves loco, pero no de un modo bueno
You drive me crazy, but not in a good way.

The smallest stuff can make me snap. I absolutely hate it when people respond back to something I said with one word and I especially hate it if the choice word that you use is: “Lol”. I could commit murder over that “word” that is used too often to imply that someone has laughed at something one has said. The last time Connor told me, “K”. I responded back “Well, Potassium to you too!” I hate the shitty communication people have now-a-days. I rather just not talk to people if that is the case. My boyfriend is horribly guilty of these one worded responses. If I could obtain the amount of times he has responded that way, he could drown in them. Along with Connor, and a few others. Y’all drive me crazy and I try to be spiteful and respond with one word messages, but it does not seem like y’all even catch on when I do it. Plus, I have told these people multiple times that it pisses me off, that instead, if that is all you have to say then do not even bother responding.

I am crazy, I know, but most of y’all made me this way.


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