Welcome to Adulthood

Adult Visions: As a kid, you must have imagined what it was like to be an adult. Now that you’re a grownup (or becoming one), how far off was your idea of adult life?

When you are younger, no one tells you how much growing up sucks. Instead we think, “Gosh golly, gee whillikers! I can’t wait to grow up!” Now if you are not almost twenty or older, then you have no idea what I just said. Let me tell you, growing up is not all it is cut out to be and then at the same time, it is not that bad. When you are in high school (or younger) life is nothing to be scared of besides when puberty hits. You might or might not have had a job while you were in high school, but life was still good because your parents still generally paid for everything, that or your grandparents helped you out. As a kid, I imagined I would get out of high school, get out of my God-forsaken tiny, tiny town. I would go to college, get married, get whatever career, and I would have a family. OH, cannot forget: grow old and die. Life was going to be perfect. Well, not that I am older, I realize everything is easier said than done. I am out of high school. My freshman year in college was my “let me figure out everything” year. I was on my own. Living on campus and doing my own thing, my mother was no longer around to tell me what to do! I was going to party it up at college.


It did not exactly work out that way. I went to a few house parties that my friends (from my high school and now college) threw together. I go to college about thirty minutes from my hometown. I did not exactly go too far. I took mainly night classes because I figured, Oh since I am a night person, taking classes would be so much easier then, right? WRONG. Yeah, I enjoyed my classes, but I was never able to do anything during the afternoon and for some of the night (even though I was done by nine and the parties started at ten or eleven). I was living the life of the typical college student: sleep all day, classes at night, partying after that, coming home at three in the damn morning, doing what homework I could, passing out. Repeat.
My grandparents helped me out a lot my first semester and would take me grocery shopping etc., mainly because my family all thought that I did not need to work my first year.

My first semester got pretty old, real quick.
My second semester I switched it up. Morning and/or afternoon classes.
My third semester, I started to work. Paying for everything.
Fourth semester, I am finally getting a hang of things, except my grades, I need to get my gpa up.

Newsflash for low-income college students, nothing is free, unless you’re lucky.

Financial Aid is wonderful.
Having a job, regardless of the crappy pay, is more wonderful than you believe (it is better than being broke).

Adulthood is a slap in the face, but I have had some good times getting here. I did not expect to have this much fun when I was little and I did not expect to go through heartache, depression, mega-stress. It is worth it. I just wish I took more time getting to adulthood. I was in a rush to grow up when I was younger, maybe that is why I act more childish now –while I still have the chance.

All I know is that my idea of adulthood is quite different now than it was before. I still have plenty to learn.

Just got to finish college, get married, a career, and have a family.

Pay taxes, and then die.


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