It sucks being in love with someone who is not in love with you back. Saying those words and they are avoided but they comment on the other thing you said, it is bothersome. It can throw off a whole good day. Maybe I am just reading too much into it, but then maybe I am not. I say that part more, the whole “I am in love with you” thing, and I just guess I am being stupid about it. I used to always say there is no such thing as in “being in love”, maybe I should have listened to my own advice from the get-go. Maybe I am just stuck in my own feelings and they are not the same for my significant other. Maybe things just do not work out like everyone wants them to. Maybe I am just hopelessly in love and it does not matter in the end, maybe at least not to him. Maybe I am just another one of those stupid girls I used to make fun of. Caught up in her own little world, thinking everything is perfect. Maybe I am just too wishful in my thinking. Maybe Miranda should just grow up and realize there is no such things as fairy tales. No prince charming. No knight in shining armour. Just a boy, who “loves” a girl, but who might not being “in love” with this girl. Maybe I am just another girl in his story book, but I am only a chapter and I won’t lead to the ending. Maybe Miranda, maybe not.

You say you’d make a wife and a mother outta me, but somehow it does not seem like you’re in love with me. To me, it does not work that way. I know what I want, I do not deserve anything less…..

July 30th update: This is not a ‘break up’ post. Everything is good with the boyfriend. I like being emotional and dramatic, and this is what happens when I do both.


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