Maybe I am too opinionated

Man, I swear I lose hope in this world sometimes.

A girl I know posted this on one of the pages that we are on: “There’s this girl that’s been texting my man because she “can’t sleep” yet I’ve been told she does that to guys to get attention…did I mention she’s 19 with four kids…and yet when I text my man during the day after he gets off work he doesn’t answer”. I read the comments between her and other girls and personally I got very bothered. She added: “He “feels bad” because she called him crying but yet she was able to post something on Facebook about talking to him all night” She told him how she did not like him talking to this girl and he apologized but did not make it sound like he was going to stop talking to her and kept trying to change the subject onto the girlfriend instead.

I like voicing my opinion, especially when it is on a subject like this and I told her exactly what I felt because she doesn’t know what else to do. I said: “All hell would be raised, I would not stand for that. And I would be that “bitch” girlfriend who would say, drop talking to her or I’m gone. He does not need to be talking to that female, she just sounds like a home wrecker who got caught up and had four kids and now she’s trying to find a guy who could take care of them with their benefits.” 

It just bothers me how men can be towards other women, he feels bad for this female who got herself into her own situation. If Adam was that way towards another girl, I would not react well at all. There are people that she can talk to, therapists and family members. Or maybe she should go talk to her baby daddy if she is so upset. I might just be being a bitch about this, but that is no where near okay in my book. 


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