Fake Laughs and Surviving the Corporate World

I am an intern at a mortgage company about four hours north of my tiny, tiny God-forsaken town. I did not exactly sign up for this, it was more of my Aunt volunteering to give me a summer job to get me out of my bum-fudge nowhere town. Probably because she and my Uncle figured out if I stayed there for another summer I would fall into another horrible depression and jump off the closest water tower. I have been here for about two months and I am more than grateful to almost be done. My last day will be next Friday and I get to go to my sanctuary in the next two or three weeks: my apartment in San Marvelous, Tejas. Yes ma’am (or sir), I cannot wait to be trekking the ruins of the Alkek library. And by the time the first semester is over, I will be regretting all that I have said in this blog.

Like I was saying about my internship, I thought the corporate world was supposed to be bitter and cold. Regrettable even. I was surprised when I found out it isn’t. The constant looking at a computer is definitely normal for me, an about-to-be third year college student, but damn, eight hours a day could cause my eyesight to dwindle a bit. I have accomplished the fake laugh in the everyday corporate world. I know when to and when not to laugh, when you boss looks at you with suspicion of is she really doing her work or any work at all, to smile sweetly or even wave. They back off and walk away with a reassurance, that should not be there. I was not doing “work”, because I have been done with my work for weeks and y’all still haven’t given me access to the program I need to look at. But it is okay, I will be gone next Friday and I will not have to think about that program ever again, or until next summer, if I come back …if I apply.

I like it here personally, it is nice to deal with the same certain people. I do not think I would do well with customer service after all, even though that is what I originally applied for. Data Analyst means I work with computers and only the people on my floor which means a happy, happy Miranda.

Steps to surviving the corporate world:
1. Always look busy, even when you aren’t.
2. Learn to smile (and wave) like you have nothing to hide.
(To be continued….)


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