Rain on me

It has been raining this morning. Not the typical drizzle for Texas and not the overbearing, uncalled for downpour. It is just raining. I walked out today wearing my white and black speckled shirt with my business skirt and two-inch wedges and scurried to my grandfather’s car in hopes to not get drenched because I am the type of girl who will have an umbrella, but if it is not pouring then I will not use it. When I was younger, we used to sing that infamous song “Rain, rain, go away”. I rarely sang that song because I learned to love the rain. When I was in middle school and high school, the second it started to rain, I was outside in it. Amanda and I would sit in her old room at her parents’ old house and we would sit on her bed or floor and talk each other’s ears off. We would hear the rain start banging against her window like a drum and we would take off outside, dancing and play in the rain. We had this ritual until we were both done with high school. Freshman year will always be my favorite year of high school. I would walk from our freshman campus to the high school every day after school and the days that it rained, I took my sweet time walking. I would let myself get soaked from head to toe and I would be smiling the entire time. There were times when Amanda and I (or just myself) would get caught in the random rain on the way to her house. There was a time when her and I were walking home one day and we were in water up to our knees, laughing the entire time, ignoring the fact that it was probably dangerous and we should have called her dad to get us. There were times where I would be on my way to her house and people would stop and ask if I needed a ride because it was raining so hard, but I always said ‘no’ even to the sweetest old lady, it was not that far no matter how far it really was. I loved the rain. I miss enjoying myself in it. No matter the constant warnings of “you’re going to get sick!”, I never listened and from my memory, I never got sick. Being home when it rains is the best, I would sit on my porch, walk around in the yard, or lay in the back of my mom’s truck. Yes, because I am the strangest girl and I do not care if my hair gets wet. I used to run in the rain when I was home or dance in it. Now I wish I could find the time to just enjoy it again. I cannot wait to go home, I cannot wait for those random rain storms.


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