I feel bad for Connor. He tries to be a good friend. He tries to help and make me feel better about stuff. He and I haven’t been talking too much lately. He e-mailed me a while ago and I told him that I will call him today when I get off work, he insisted we use Google hangouts (I do not have Skype at the moment). I felt bad when I told him no. He gave me grief, “Oh I see how it is, you don’t wanna see me.” I explained to him I just do not want to use it. Personally it is because the one person I would use it for, does not want to see me or use it for me. So I have just given up on it. Connor felt real shitty because he cut our conversation short a week ago because Faye, his long-distance-new-on-again-off-again-girlfriend, was trying to Skype him. Before I even said anything he told me, “And don’t give me hell about it because I know you would do the same, you probably video chat Adam all the time”.  When I said no, he did not know what to do. He demanded to know why and I told him the truth. I do not know why, I assume Adam is just too busy with his brothers to care to do so, it bothers me, but it does not matter. It does not bother him. So here is little Miranda all hurt over something stupid. I fucking hate technology because it can even make me feel like crap.


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