Stress, meet Miranda.

I think I am seriously going through a rough patch at the moment. For the past few days I have been horribly emotional. It could be because:

1. My last day of work is August 8th, then I will be moving back home to pack and then move to San Marvelous. Along with that I will have to go see a freaking OBGYN for the first time on the 18th and I am nervous about that. PLUS I will be babysitting the week right before school starts back up and I don’t even know if I will have time to get all my school shit together and ready because none of my family members even consider the fact that I have to get my shit together too.

So thank you inconsiderate family members, school, and doctors for my stress.

2. I miss Adam like crazy. I am stressing out horribly and the only person who could possibly help is three thousand plus miles away. Half a year down, three and a half more to go…..

So thank you the United States Marine Corps for stealing my boyfriend. You have managed to steal him away for another three months and I will not see him for many more so I don’t like you. But since I plan on keeping him for a very long time after his four year containment, I will deal with it for now.

I know Adam signed up for it. It was very doubtful he would even stay near Texas so, there’s that. Regardless of the fact that he signed up for it, it is still going to bother me and I will continue to miss the hell out of him until he is home for good. And I am sure, even then, I am going to be bothering the hell out of him throughout the day, because I can and I love the guy way too much.

So I am stressed out and I miss my boyfriend = Miranda is emotional out the wazoo.


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