Ah, the question of the day:

Where the hell did my emotions go?

Suddenly I feel empty and emotionless. Yesterday I was quite a bit upset and I went on a run. I blared my music until I got a huge headache. Half way through my run, I realized I  was horribly dehydrated and when I got back to the house I had more water than I did dinner. I went to bed with my massive headache. I slept for two hours, woke up,  went back to sleep for maybe another three. This morning I haven’t eaten anything because I did not feel hungry at all. Drank some cold coffee starbucks thing and I am now at work. I feel completely off.

Maybe it is because I know Adam (my boyfriend) and I will not talk too much this week and it puts me in a weird mood. Maybe I need more sleep or just a lot more water in my system. I am not sure. Today is just a weird ass feeling type of day. I feel like that meme, “I need a drink, it’s only Tuesday.”

Since I cannot have a drink because of the fact that:
1. I am underage so no happy hour after work.
2. My Asian aunt does not believe in drinking.

I will just go to Zumba after work and see if I pass out 😀
Kill meh now maineeee.
Yes, I just purposely sounded like a ghetto idiot, love me or hate me.


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21. Wife. Student.
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  1. Is Adam your boyfriend?

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