All I want for my birthday…

…is a big booty h… No, no, not really. I would much rather have my boyfriend come home, but that’s not gonna happen.

Don’t you remember the exciting countdown to your birthday when you were younger? You were always thinking: “Yeah! My birthday is __ many days away. I am going to have fun with [list friends names here] and see [list family names here]. I am going to eat yummy cake and get a bunch of presents.”

And then you grow up.

Birthdays are just not the same anymore. All I thoughts have been: Oh, my birthday is this month. I worry more about moving into my apartment and getting back to college. My birthday is in between the two and I will most like be babysitting the day of. I have only thought about my birthday a handful of times. Growing up is such a let down. You looked forward to being able to vote, not really, you looked more forward to being able to legally buying cigarettes, just because you can -whether or not you actually wanted to smoke them. Then you wait and wait and wait for your twenty-first and you’re thinking I know I drank a lot before I got to this age but now I can drink all the time and not get punished by the cops! Whoooooo! Chug chug chug. No, it is not that fun the next morning. You do not feel invincible anymore. I know I won’t, if I ever get there. One more year, but I already know.  I am counting down more to my twenty-first because I want to be able to go to the store, buy myself some alcohol, and go home and drink away in all my loneliness. I am such an optimistic lol.

I am actually not looking forward to this birthday. I will receive a bundle of facebook notifications from people who are going to wish me a happy birthday who could care less if I was even in their news feed yet if I delete them, I’ll be the bad guy. I might get a few text messages from those who actually remember my birthday without facebook telling them, or I won’t get any at all because I changed my phone number three months ago which makes life a bit easier for me. My boyfriend Adam is in Hawaii so I won’t even care if I go out. My friends lack enthusiasm and making a big deal about my birthday, I am the one who makes a big deal about everything else for everyone else but it is not worth it when my friends don’t make the same effort for me, but oh well. I will spend time my twentieth birthday with my nieces and family that will probably forget what day it is. Birthdays just turn into another day after a certain age. Live it up while you can.  


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