Chill pill

Oh, so guess who got a text message from her boyfriend and was instantly in a better mood? That’s right, your ex-best friend who you fucking hate and would run over with a semi-truck if you could.

Okay, no, that isn’t true. Well it might be, but no, I got a text from Adam and I am emotion-full now. No more empty glass feeling. So at least I know the reasoning behind how I was feeling this morning. Plus the headache, dehydration, lack of sleep and lack of food in my system. Time to start becoming more independent again because nothing is promised and I know there will be more times when he cannot talk.

College cannot come soon enough and when it gets here, I will dread it all over again. How bipolar of me. Isn’t that life though? You always want something to happen, then it does and you’re wanting it to go back to the way it was before. We are never constantly, or at least consistently, happy with what we have. We always want more and then we want less to only want more again. That is so annoying. How do we live without ourselves? We should all just die. Whoa. I need to chill out.

I think my new “I am going back to school to suffer” goal is going to be something along the lines of being happier, trying more in everything, partying it up, getting healthier and maintaining decent grades. I think that is a good goal for me not to succeed, so I am going to try to prove myself wrong.


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