Dieting is the devil.

Technically…. I am not dieting but technically enough, whatever this is, sucks.  Alright so, I was a dumbass and I shared a post that said, “Name a food and I will not eat it for a month.”

Here is my list of don’t-you-dare-eat-it food:

  • Chicken.. because my boyfriend Adam is cruel and knows that it pretty much all I eat.
  • BBQ.. because my best friend Connor knows I am coming home soon and the one thing I am going to want is BBQ -.-‘ asshole.
  • Chocolate.. too funny, but I will attempt it. Or at least cut down on my intake.
  • Soda.. is not a food but I agreed. Lemonade, you are now my friend. Sweet tea, you will always be my lover.
  • Cake.. is not even fair because it is my birthday month. If my mom makes me her famous infamous cake with her homemade icing, I am breaking this.
  • Pizza and Pasta.. I don’t even really eat pizza or pasta that much so that’s fine by me.

So dieting. I do not like dieting. I do not like weighing myself. Actually, I do not believe in weighing myself or having scales in my house. It will never happen. If my future husband wants to have a scale in the house. It won’t be in the house, it can be at his work or wherever else because I do not want to see it. When I was in school, from seventh grade to senior year, I was constantly weighing myself. I never once let myself get over 120-125. I had a problem. If I weighted more than I thought I should, I did not eat. If I felt like I ate too much, I forced myself to get sick. After my senior year of high school, I was never home on the weekends I was busy starting my first year in college while being far away from my mother’s dreadful scale, stressing over grades, and a relationship that did not matter. I had not looked at a scale for about a year which was an accomplishment. I let myself gain quite a bit of weight, mainly because my boyfriend at the time forced me to eat when he did and he was a fucking pig. Now I just want to be healthy again. I am trying to work out at least three times a week, which I have managed to do. I generally eat healthier and I am going to start cooking meals once I get back to school instead of going out all the time.



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