Reassurance of change

Women need reassurance. The woman who tells you that she doesn’t, is probably lying.

I have had my boyfriend Adam in my life since 2008.
The thing is, we only began dating on December 11th, 2013.

Thinking you’re forever in the friend-zone sucks dick.
Finding out you were wrong, makes life soooo much better lol…. but I still had to make the first move -.-‘

For having Adam my life for so long, you would think that I would not be afraid of losing him. You would think that I would be confident because of the fact that we have known each other for so long. Well, you’re wrong.

It is different being friends and then being in a relationship. You know this person, but now you have to begin knowing this person on a whole new level.

Friends are not too physical with one another, unless you have those “special” type of friends.

Friends do not get to see all the sides of you.

I am confident about our relationship, I really am, but reassurance helps. I do some of the weirdest stuff, I say things that piss him off, and I start fights. I fear that the distance between us might pull us apart, relationship wise. I fear that he might change his mind because “it would be easier” to not be with me or to be single.

I know Adam gets bothered when I tell him I am scared that I am going to lose him. I know he does not like hearing me say that. He does not know what I mean behind it. I fear change.

Change is forever happening. Change in destinations, in decisions, in feelings.

I don’t want him to change (I can deal with the change in destinations, overall). I want him to be happy with me, I want him to love me. It is just frightening to think that things like that change for people every day. People break up. People cheat. People’s feelings change.

I do not expect that out of Adam, but shit happens. Change is what I am scared of. Him leaving would be a change in my life, one I would not want.


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21. Wife. Student.
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