Drunk calls and voicemails.

I had an interesting morning.

Alright for those who don’t know, my boyfriend is a Marine and he is at his PDS about 3,700+ miles away. We endure a stupid five hour difference every day. So when it is three in the morning it is nine at night over there. Well, I stay up and talk to him, especially on the weekends. I finally fell asleep at four in the morning to wake up at six in the morning to a missed call, voicemail, and an incoming call all from my lovely boyfriend. I answered and oh boy, the humor. My boyfriend had been drinking jack and coke before I went to sleep, I knew this. I was not aware how much he planned on drinking including the eight or nine beers he apparently had. 

It was oddly cute, at least I know he still loves me when he is drunk. 

He told me not to stop loving him because of how he was during that moment. Of course I am not going to stop loving him. I told him we would talk about the whole thing later on today, after he wakes up.

I couldn’t stop laughing at him at certain points. “Babe stop laughing at meee.” Oh this poor boy. What happened to I-don’t-get-drunk? Yeah, maybe you should stop…..I don’t exactly like him drinking that much. Especially when I am not there to deal with him/take care of him. 

How he fell asleep while on the phone with me? He asked me to pray with him and he fell asleep mid-prayer.

I stayed on the phone a while after I figured he fell asleep just in case he woke back up. Said his name a few times to see if he would wake up a little so I could tell him bye but nothing so I hung up and sent him a text telling him everything I was going to tell him before I got off the phone.

At least I know now he cannot judge me if I ever call him drunk.  


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2 Responses to Drunk calls and voicemails.

  1. TheCatssMeoww says:

    At least it’s you who he calls when he is drunk.

  2. Nominated you for the Liebster Award! Visit my blog for details!

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