Busy bee

I have been absent from the blogging world for about two or so weeks now, generally. 
From packing to moving to babysitting to starting school and work again, all while maintaining my wonderful long distance relationship and holding a somewhat social life.

Yeah, I would say I have been a bit busy.

I got to finally Skype my boyfriend yesterday after a very long time of us not doing so, which I might say, made me very happy.

Just started school and work today. I was not exactly happy with the fact that the organization on campus that I work for had to move to a different building all the way across campus BUT we have so much more room now and well, there is a lot of improvement that I don’t want to get into detail at the moment. Sadly, Adam has been busy all day so I did not get to talk to him much but that’s just how life is sometimes. 

I just cannot wait till Adam comes home. He has no idea how much I miss him. 

Tomorrow/Today (since it is one in the morning now) I will be going to three classes, woooo. Let’s see how this goes. I absolutely adored my professor for Microeconomics for my M-W class. I hope I can say the same for the rest of my professors. 

I have to admit for my first Monday back, I was a bit moody after my first class. It was horribly hot and my tolerance level for anyone’s bullshit was slim to none. 


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