We all Fall down

I cannot wait for the Fall. I miss the cold nights, going out and roaming San Marvelous. I miss being curled up in comfortable warmth and it makes me miss Adam ten times more. I loved spending time with him.  I loved wrapping myself up in him. I miss that night at Sights and Sounds and holding his hand out in public for the first time. I miss his warm, sweet kisses. I miss him entirely. It kills me inside sometimes how much I miss his presence. It makes me realize how cold my world is without him around, even in the heat of summer.


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11 Responses to We all Fall down

  1. lovelygirl says:

    hmm theres always reasons to miss people regardless of what season it is

    • maybemiranda says:

      Maybe December or January IF he can get leave. I haven’t seen him since the middle of April.

      • Wow that is such a long time! I definitely feel for you!

      • maybemiranda says:

        Haha, no joke, if not then I won’t see him until May or June of next year. Thank ya!

      • Wow, you two must be very dedicated.

      • maybemiranda says:

        We have been best friends since 2007 and had always liked each other, too scared to tell each other because we didn’t wanna screw it up, and then I got mad at him last year and practically yelled my feelings to him. Now we have been dating for nine months. Dedication is an understatement lol (just kidding) but yeah. Pretty sure this is “the one” type of thing.

      • That definitely sounds like some “fate-worthy” stuff. Where is he right now? Is there no way for you to be closer to him?

      • maybemiranda says:

        He is stationed in Hawaii. I live and go to school in Texas and he has 3 & 1/2 more years in the Marines, he will be deployed quite a few times (literally already scheduled). He and I both figured I should just finish school here, get a good job, get him and I an apartment and have it ready for us when he gets done. I was to continue school at my university, transferring to Hawaii would still be too much and I have a difficulty with being alone so while he’s deployed I would literally have no one, so I am staying here 😛

      • Oh ok that does sound reasonable. Sorry for prying, I was curious haha. It sounds like you both have a good plan, it will just be challenging no doubt. Props to you though for staying on track. Being surrounded by familiar faces and focusing on your future can never be a bad thing!

      • maybemiranda says:

        Nah, don’t be sorry, if you were prying I would say something about it. Thanks for your words and no kidding, I could not handle being completely alone in an unfamiliar place.

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