At least I’m feelin’ something

I’m feeling a bit confident. Just an ounce of pride because I am actually proud of myself for once, at least I’m feelin’ something. I have been cooking a bit more, eating out less and if I do eat out I try not to eat a big portion. I find myself drinking more water, gatorade, and smoothies than I do soda. I have been walking more than usual, instead of riding the tram home I give myself a thirty minute walk, give or take, depending on  my pace.

This summer I had been going on a lot of walks and attending Zumba twice a week. Zumba is not as lame as it sounds guys! So no judging! I went down in my pants size but that fluctuates like no other, I don’t mind. I only want a flat stomach, I don’t exactly care what my weight is or pants size. (Holy shit, I actually said that and meant it). I am pretty sure flat stomach means eating healthy plus working out. Gotta start on those crunches…. maybe this weekend. With squats, gotta do those squats.

Farwell fellow bloggers.


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