Animal crackers

Om nom nom. I am a happy camper, eating animal crackers while chilling at my friend’s not-so-messy apartment. They still have a mound of clean clothes, but at least it’s clean.

I am very tired though. I have been fighting myself internally on whether or not I should go to my nine a.m. class or if I should just wait and go to campus for lunch, then go to work. Decisions, decisions. I mean, I am paying for the class so I might as well go, but I just don’t know if I will be able to get up in the morning to do all that I need to do and still go to class. At the moment, I do not believe that I am capable of doing so.

I would much rather have my boyfriend, skip classes, and work to cuddle up with him, but I can’t and he is too many miles away from me. So I will continue wearing his shirt to bed, his cross around my neck, and cuddles my panda pillow until he comes back.


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4 Responses to Animal crackers

  1. Animal crackers rock! Go to class if the class actually helps you but skip it if it’s a waste of time! Hope your not missing him too bad!

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