Wed-nes-day, this is seriously how I remind myself how to spell this damn day,  the day out of the week that I always find the hardest to get out of bed. Not Mondays, but Wed-nes-days. I took my sweet ass time today. Get out of bed, put hair up, clothes, make myself smell nice and look decent, then lugged myself onto the tram. First class, facebook and texting. Now at the library, blogging instead of writing about an article. Haven’t exactly chosen an article yet, but I am getting there. I need to eat lunch and go to my dreaded work. The more and more I work, the more I feel very unappreciated for all the crap I do. I have two other co-workers who do the same job as I, but I always end up picking up their slack. I think it is my turn to take my time and just leaving the extra for the other two.

Today just feels like a rough day, I have been in this mood of utter… sadness, I guess? I keep questioning things. My poor boyfriend Adam has to deal with the, “You’re happy with me, right? Even though we can’t be together right now?” I know he loves me. I am horribly confident in our relationship, but I like hearing the reassurance, especially when all I see on campus is happy couples. Damn happy couples who get to have their significant other with them all the damn time. Yes, I am being spiteful, but whaaaaatever. I do what I want.

Addition: Where I work in not the campus lost and found, we are not here to help you track down your laptop if you lose it on campus. If you have not gone back to the building where you left it in to try to find it yourself, that is not my problem. We are not even located in the same building and no, I will not walk up the hill to look for it for you when that is not my job. Do not ignore me when I kindly try to tell you multiple times that we are not located in that building and I kindly offer to give you the number to that building to ask their department. Do not interrupt me when I am trying to give you the information you are asking for.


Today is rough.


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